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We are now launching an English version of the website, please give us more time to complete it. Below you will find short information and results of genetic examinations from Bristol.

Ania is now six years old and if we don’t take action, in five years time she may not be with us anymore. She is a beautiful, cheerful girl who may not stand out in any way when you first see her. It’s only when you take a closer look that you realise that even though she’s almost six years old, she looks as if she was two. She has been diagnosed with Cockayne syndrome, a rare neurodegenerative disorder characterized by growth failure, impaired development of the nervous system and premature aging. In most cases, this destructive disease leads to serious heart, liver and kidney problems as well as hearing loss and eye abnormalities, which usually results in death in the first or beginning of the second decade of life. Even though Ania can’t walk on her own and doesn’t speak much, communicating with simple words and signals she made out herself, she is a playful and smiley girl who brings lots of joy into her parents’ lives. And her parents have been doing whatever they can to make her life easier and happier – until now they have been spending around 9 000 USD per year on various therapies, treatments and special medical equipment (9 000 USD is a typical annual salary in Poland). But they have recently come across a clinic in the US which has been treating two children with the Cockayne syndrome, achieving great results. The disease can’t be stopped completely, but it can be slowed down to improve Ania’s quality of life. The treatment costs around 60 000 USD per year, which is several times more than the annual income of the family. You can help Ania by donating to the Polish charity “Zdazyc z pomoca”, Lomianska 5 street, 01-685 Warszawa


15 1060 0076 0000 3310 0018 2615

Please write: 17874 Starosolska Anna in the title of the transfer.

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More information about Ania, photos, videos, results of medical examinations at

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